Monday, February 20, 2012

Im back!!!

Hello friends! Wow its been a while. Well Im happy to report that I finally have internet at the house and can get back to blogging :)

(My beautiful niece Hailey)

More on that later. So what have I been doing?

*Well most of you know that I moved to Texas, best decision ever, even though it pissed off the ex. I thought he would move closer to the kids but what does he do...move even farther away from us to live with momma. Men? He still wont sign divorce papers and is threatening to take the kids away (after walking out on them 2 1/2 years ago) Im getting a lawyer soon.

*Back in June I was in an accident. I was throw from the back of a truck going 40mph onto the beach. (Thought I posted this before but I couldnt find it, sorry if your hearing it for the 2nd time, I swear it has a purpose.) I was life flighted to Houston and came close to dying. I busted my lips away from my gums, my lip was in 3 pieces, tore my tear ducts, multiply fractures and road rash covering my face. I got 15 shots in my face and 5 hours of surgery to put my face back together. I still have almost no feeling in my gums, lips or chin.

*Fighting with the insurance company because apparently the driver lied the night of the accident and because I was to messed up to speak they are using it against me. Im $100,000 in debt and still need 2 more surgeries, reconstructive surgery on my nose and a lip tuck. Looks like we will have to go to trial.

So anyways on to the good stuff...Since the accident, it has been hard to work and so its pushing me to fulfil my dreams of crafting full time.

Current obsession: Tutus!!!

What do you think?

(Favorite picture)

Happy Sewing,



  1. WOW, you have been through alot!

    Wishing you lots of good luck in Texas!!

  2. Wow.....what a story! I hope by now you are.feeling much better.