Friday, February 4, 2011

Getting back

First a big thanks to my sewing machine for not dying on me.

I have never done the maintenance and when I got it out last night, it wouldnt stitch the stitches right. Took it apart and was surprised to see this. There was alot more lint under the bobbin. Note to self: this is why maintenance is important.

Something new happened in our house yesterday. JJ got his 1st loose tooth. So I sewed this for him.

Very easy project. I was done right at 30mins. I patched worked the front, but its 2 9in. squares, with a 3 1/2 square for the pocket if you are interested in making your own.

I will leave you with the beautiful orchids my kids brought for me. I have such sweet kids.

Happy Sewing,

PS: If you follow my blog, leave a comment. I havent been around in a while and would love to follow your blog as well.


  1. It's amazing how much lint gets trapped in there. My machine starts to squeak and I panic everytime, but when I open it up it's always just lint!

  2. I sew with chenille alot - imagine the lint problems I have!

    Nice to see you back.

    LOVE LOVE the orchids - I have quite a few myself. Kids picked out a great Phael! great color!

  3. Maranda, love the little pillow for the tooth fairy !! Great idea and really clever.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog...