Saturday, June 19, 2010

Blocks & Questions

So I had a bunch of 2.5in squares that I had gotten for my birthday and the kids wanted to help mommy make blocks last night.

My blocks:

Lizzy's Blocks:

J.J.'s Blocks:

I had 3 cut of each fabric so I told them to pick 3 colors and make 2 matching blocks.

When we were done, J.J. (my 6 year old) said: "Thanks for letting me help, It was really fun. But my block came out too uniformed, it wasn't what I was expecting." Oh my, I guess next time he need more creative control.

I have gotten a few emails lately and I turned them into questions to get everyone covered:)

1) Wasn't you adopting? Yes I was, but quickly realized that since it was family I would have to move away for it to work. (Basically they wanted me to raise him and they still play parents, well went they wanted of course.) I found them a wonderful couple to adopt but in the end they decided to keep him. So no baby for me.

2) You and your husband is separated, right? Yes, different houses for 10 months, unfortunately its becoming clear that this will be permanent, but we will see. He didn't cheat or anything, just grew apart. We got married really young, I was 16 and he was 20. Some days I love him and some days I want to kill him. (You know what I mean if you have been through this)

3) Why haven't you been sewing? Well pretty much because I feel like crap. See questions 1 and 2. But I think I have been bitten by the sewing bug. Some days are better than others.

And finally whats next for M&M Studio:

I will be teaching sewing and quilting classes. The 1st class is June 26th. Wish me Luck.
I have a few patterns that should be out soon.
And hopefully I can get in a little fabric designing since it my love.

~Happy Sewing~


  1. i love that your kids were involved in these blocks. my kiddos love to help

  2. Thanks for the have managed to accomplish alot for all the "other stuff" circulating in your life. You are a good person and will come out on top. Or at least stronger for the experience. :-)

    LOVE the fabrics you has! What a great birthday present. I like JJs blocks - said "sunny" to me with the yellow. And Sun = Sunshine = Happiness in my book.