Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Lizzy's New Quilt

Well it worked! Here is Lizzy all ready to go to the Pre-K's Pajama Day on Friday.

I put her name on it and she was super happy. She is learning her letters and has been getting her quilt to practice writing her name. Too cute.

The back.

She needed a new pillow too.

For the binding she got pink sparkly fabric.

I finished the quilt and pillow in 2 days. My tips of my fingers are so sore.
Happy Monday!

PS: YES, that sunshine you see. And it was beautiful and short lived.


  1. this is so great...she is adorable. this quilt looks so great.

  2. Oh, wow! Did you handquilt it in TWO DAYS! (I hate hand quilting!!! - well, I actually love the solace of it - but it's tedious and I get tired of it...but actually do like applying binding (weird, I know)...)

    It's beautiful. I need to get back to sewing...hardly done any since I moved in November!~

  3. This is a great size quilt for her! The pillow is a wonderful idea!

    Love pink!! Nice job.