Thursday, February 25, 2010

A new addition...

Her name is Butterscotch. She is a stray that I'm trying to rescue. I have been feeding her for a week and she has been inside twice. The last time she spent about 8 hours inside, mostly curled up on a pillow watching me sew, before begging to go outside. You can't tell by these photos but her fur is so matted that she will need to be shaved. She is a very loving cat, I sure hope that she sticks around.

Lizzy has pajama day at school tomorrow and to stop her from taking the boy cars blanket that she is so attached to, I'm going to entice her with a girly quilt. So this is what I did yesterday while butterscotch looked on. The pillow is now stuffed and the binding is half way sewed on. This is the fasted I've ever put together a quilt.

I also started a scrap quilt, that I've titled "How small is too small?"

I actually got alot done yesterday considering that I'm sick and I had 2 sick kiddos.

Lots of Popsicles at my house!

Tip: The best thing for a sore throat: chips or fries, and soda. Just try it. The carbon really gets your throat wet, and the salty and crunchy chips/fries scraps the "Yuck" of your throat.



  1. how small is too small? i have tons of pieces that size

  2. Oh Butterscotch you cutie! I hope she stays - that content look on her face suggests she may have already made up her mind.