Friday, February 5, 2010

"Be like mommy" & a finish!!!

Yay I finally finished another quilt. (Which I haven't done in 6 months) It measures 28 1/2in. by 28 1/2 in. It's such a bright quilt but the picture didn't pick up on it because of our lack of sun these days:(

Ok now to the title of this post. "Be like mommy" that's what my daughter told me the other day, that she wanted to be like mommy and sew. Awe! So I grabbed some supplies and she set to work on a heart with "her letter" in it. She really enjoyed it so tomorrow we are off to the fabric store to put together her own sewing box. *Warning I went a little overboard with the pictures but I just couldn't be a favorite.
Lizzy: age 3

Is she not the cutest ever?


  1. she is adorable...i love when they/kids are interested in what we are.

  2. She is adorable and LOVE LOVE that she is crafting! FYI: I got a knitting basket for Christmas - maybe something at the craft store for her? (for a future gift?)

    And the quilt - the colors are fantastic. Doesn't it feel good to get projects done? SNowing here today - so I'm hoping to finish up a few.

  3. I don't think you went overboard with pictures at all!

    I have only boys and am hoping they give me girl grandbabies. If not, I have a couple of nieces and one of them is definitely interested in the fiber arts!

  4. Congratulations on your finish! What a pretty quilt. How fun to see your daughter taking an interest in her mommy's hobbies and trying embroidery. Cute pics!