Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Quilting Bee

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that I might do a quilting bee. Well I am!! I already have myself and 3 other people signed up, but I still need 8 quilters.

*How it works: 12 people commit for 1 year to make 2 blocks a month. Each of us will get a turn to be the "designer". On your month to be the designer, you purchase the fabric for your quilt and mail it to the other 11 people (keeping enough for yourself to make 2 blocks) the fabric will be made into blocks and sent back to you. The other 11 months, fabric will be mailed to you, you complete 2 blocks and mail it back to the designer. This is sure to be a fun and exciting experience. So if you are interested comment or E-mail me.
Fabric Easter grass, How cool is that?
(No fabric was harmed in make this easter grass) Remember the fabric for my quilt I showed you a while back? Well I cut 160 triangles and they were the wrong size. I will now make one block before cutting the fabric for a whole quilt on any new pattern.

It rained last week. Guess where my 4 year old was after the rain.

Hope you all are having a great and Crafty week!


  1. good quilting bee idea, im not very good at it but im sure you will get lots of people go in for tit!

  2. HI!!! MARANDA............

    I received the Fabric, My God I am delighted. Shame you spent so much in Postage......

    Oh!!! I loved the Cooky And so did my Grandson.

    I hope you OK that I have shared half of the Fabric, with Monica from MyFunnybunny,i work small things, monica does marvellous little baby items, such as dummy/pacifier holders, bibs etc.

    I will Blog about it today, and Monica will also blog about it at some stage.

    Many many thanks, a very generous Give away that was!!!! I wil be getting some fabric from you defenetly.

    Love & Hugs


  3. Maranda - if you still need folks for your quilting bee, I would be SO interested!!! My email is jenniferjoywalker@gmail.com if you want to email me directly. I've been fooling around with wonky log cabin blocks lately and completely obsessed with the quilting bee photo groups on Flickr and SO want to do one!!! Just let me know if you are still short some folks...I may know another sewer or two that is interested...or could put a post on MY blog about it - if you need a few more.