Friday, April 10, 2009

I did something right!

The other day my 2 year old, Lizzy, came running up to me outside with a dandelion in her hand. "Mommy I got flower for you" Awe, how sweet. This was really touching, as my Lizzy is very independent and almost never needs her mommy. She has to be sick or held down just to get a hug and gifts...forget about it. But every now and then she surprises me with a little something. So I must have done something right, I just wish I knew what it was and I would do it again.

She insisted that she give the flower a drink.

I got alot of sewing done yesterday. I made Lizzy a new shirt. She really like it. She said, "Much shirts in purple" Such a girl, well sometimes, I kept getting the craziest poses from her.

Could it be that she would rather be playing in the dirt then modeling for me?

I made this dog quilt for my puppy, Nero, from start to finish yesterday. I got this idea from Ariane, go check out her blog.

I also worked on two more quilts that I hope to finish next week. Are you working on a quilt, I'd love to see it:)


  1. You made that puppy quilt in one day?! Wow!... I bow to you!

  2. I love your puppy quilt. It's great. I'm glad I was able to give you some inspiration for the project. I also love the little top you made you daughter. The fabric is awesome and she looks so cute in it.

  3. I love the puppy quilt! What a great idea! I've got fabric for a quilt to make my daughter, but yet to cut it up... Cutting is not the fun part for me, so I tend to put it off. :)