Friday, April 3, 2009

Friendship Star Block

Here's the tutorial that I promised. This is for the friendship star block. To keep it simple I refer to the fabric by the colors that I used: pink, purple, and multi. But use any color that you like.

You need:

2 3 1/2in. purple squares
2 3 1/2in. pink squares
4 3in. pink squares
1 3in. multi square

First, you need to make your 3 1/2in. squares into triangles. These are called half-square triangles. You need to cut the square diagonally to form your triangle.

It should look like this. Cut all 4 3 1/2in. squares into triangles. You should now have 8 triangles, 4 pink and 4 purple.

*Use a 1/4in. seam allowance.

Next, you sew the triangles together. To do this you put one pink and one purple right sides together and stitch along the longest side.

I chain stitch the triangles together, it goes so much faster.

Now you will have 4 squares, press and trim the "ears" off like so.

Next, you need to lay out the 4 half-square triangles, 4 3in. pink squares and 1 3in. multi square. Pay extra attention that the half-square triangles match the picture below and that you lay them out right everytime. *I've gotten to know my seam ripper again doing this quilt.

Join the the squares to make three rows and press.

Now, join the rows together and press the completed block.

And your are done. Enjoy your friendship blocks!

I tried to make this tutorial easy to follow, but if you have question comment or e-mail me and I will answer them for you.



  1. what a good tutorial, thankyou

  2. Wonderful tutuorial...easy instructions and great pictures.