Wednesday, March 18, 2009

From my sewing table...

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Here's what I'm working on right now:

A summer quilt

and a table topper.

I finished this yesterday and it's in my shop. It's a stroller organizer. So helpful for all the long walks of spring and summer.

And a little something to prove that spring is on it's way.

Thanks to everyone who has joined my giveaway so far, I have enjoyed all the comments and I'm working my way through every ones blog now as I'm getting to know you.



  1. I love the stroller organizer! I sure could have used that the past 4 summers. Hopefully there will be no more strollers this year though

  2. Great colors in the Summer quilt. And is that primrose that is already in bloom? My tulips and daffodils have popped through - I can't wait for warmer weather...

  3. Love the stroller organizer. Do you have patterns for this, it would make a great baby shower gift. I'm adding your blog to my watch list.

  4. OliveStreet- I have no clue waht it is. How's that for a gardener?

    Janet- In the future I might offer the pattern but for now it's listed in my Etsy shop.

  5. I would have killed for an umbrella stroller organizer like that when my kids were young! Perfect for the mom on the go! Love your fabric selections in the other projects too...I find that to be difficult for me.

  6. Wow you have been busy! Those all look so great!

  7. Thanks for joining our contest on Mimi and Reese.
    Oh! I want fabric too!
    Psst!I actually fill my own stocking and easter basket. Hubby is great, but he probably still believes. I might sneak down to the fabric store and buy something wonderful for my basket

  8. Hi Maranda,
    Just noticed you are following my blog and I wanted to say thanks. Your blog is great and I'm adding you to my favorites too.
    Have a great weekend,

  9. Great blog! I found my way here from 'Little Bug Moments'. Your crafts are so beautiful! I've bookmarked you to visit again. :)