Friday, March 27, 2009

Ever have one of those days?

First off, I have to say that I'm better now. But Sunday was just one of those days. Yes, I pouted for 4 days before I could post these pictures. So what happened? Well here it goes.

I started out making a handbag...

There it is all finished and cute, with no pockets or handles. I really don't know what I was thinking, but I was so aggravated that I went on to finish my table runner.

Turned out pretty cute, but I was half way through quilting it (first thing that I have ever quilted) before I realized that I didn't double check to make sure that backing was smoothed out. I pinned this a few days before I quilted it. So there is a big fold down the back.

In other news I finished my sons quilt.

This is the second quilt that I have done. I didn't actually quilt either one of them. I used the tying method and added some buttons. But I think that I'm ready to tackle my first patchwork quilt. Here's the fabric all cut and ready to go.


  1. Super cute stuff as always. My mom is totally into primitive stuff with navy, burgandy, cream colored stuff...barn stars, berries, etc. Do you have any stuff like that? Do you do special orders?

  2. I have a LOT of those days when making jewelry. You should see the pile of scraps (silver and copper pieces that I have messed up) sitting on my windowsill. Maybe I'll post a picture soon.
    The thing with jewelry making is that messing up a project means loosing about 1/2 an hour and a little bit of materials. It's definately different with sewing!!
    I still think your quilts are cute. They have character!

  3. Love all your projects. Don't worry about the fold in the backing...I always say it adds character and besides, it's on the back!!

  4. Oh goodness...these times are sent to test us -smile-.

  5. I think you've done really well . My best friend lately has been my quikunpick!!!
    clares craftroom