Saturday, February 21, 2009

From my sewing table...

Hello loves!

First off, I have to show you what my husband made for me...

A ribbon box. I love it. The ribbon slides through for easy cutting, you never even have to open the lid. Great right? I will list a few in my Etsy shop when I get it up and running (Any day now) in case you are in need of one like I was.

OK now on to sewing.

I have been sewing these teething toys since I first made one for my niece. She loved it and I loved making it. These will also be listing in the shop.

My first bag and my messy sewing table.

I really love this fabric. It's a limy green color and looks African to me. It's Honeycombs by Marie Kelzer.
Things still needing to be done...
This quilt needs a binding.

Another tote in process and this time it's my own design.
The Moose dress is almost done and I have a quilt that's being neglected.
I needed to make a list and try and knock out some of these projects. I always start new projects in the middle of other but this is crazy. We have a joke around here that if I start it my husband will finish it and like all good humor there is some truth to it. Infact the quilt here is mostly his doing.
Ok enough ramble, get to your sewing machine-You know you want to.

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